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Our Mission: Our mission at Ignorant Act Productions is not to encourage any ignorance, but instead, to encourage laughter. Often times the stunts, or acts, performed here cause much pain. We must urge you to PLEASE do not try this at home.

" True American Humor"

ATTENTION: The developers of this site do NOT encourage such ignorant acts as the ones diplayed on this site. None of the ignoramus crew or individuals involved in any act performed can be held accountable for any act performed by them selves or others, nor can Lycos. DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME! don't be an ignoramus! Noone pictured or mentioned can be held accountable for any actions performed under any one person's power

This week  marks the beginning of a three to four part series of just random faces or costumes or just things that make you say "WTF?!" check it out! you might find some of them funny.. but most of them wioll just make you say...
CHECK OUT OUR NEW SITE LOCATION FOR THIS WEEKS IGNORANT ACT! (FOR URL please e mail riverkyle2@msn.com with subject, IAP SITE)

REVISITING AND REINVENTING SOME OLD STUNTS  We have recently took a stab at some of our old classics! As of now we have redone two of them. They are Cow pasture fun and one of the first ever stunts, THE RIVER JUMP! We tried our best to add some more flash to them and we hope we have succeeded! Check out the first of this two part series in IGNORANT ACT OF THE WEEK!

 Spring fever is racing in the hearts of us all, but before it was even warm enough for shorts we were having a blast! Check out one part of this weeks MULTI FEATURED Ignorant Act of The Week


Donutt Begins the trip down memory lane

Dick and Buddy break it down!