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The gang rolls together

      It was early this spring and our favorite hill was in perfect season for some fun and injury! Our day started with rounding up all our needed vehicles. We ended up compiling a grocery cart, the monkey bike, a tiny bicycle, and our second wheel chair. All of which proved to make great transporters! On the very first trip down Jason took the grocery cart for a ride and it made it nearly all the way down the hill without tipping but in the final few feet the cart tipped over head first.
      Later on Jason decided to take down the little Bicyle and on the following picture you'll notice that he has already wrecked yet his hands are still in the handle bar position and his feet look like they are still on the peddles.

Jason rides on even AFTER loosing the bike
Notice that the bike is actually still in the air.. just upside down

Soon after Jason kept on riding Dick went down in the wheel chair and ripped a hole in his underwear, right on the crack! It was from sliding across the ground and hitting a DRIED OUT COW PATTY!
  "It went right up my @$$!... OWW," Dick said right after the accident.

See those two holes!

Dick makes a funny face

Towards the end of the day Dick had one fo the most spectacular crashes ever to be caught on our video cameras! He got into only his boxers, sat in the wheel chair and took off down the hill. Sitting at the bottom of the hill was the grocery cart, which had been left from an earlier ride down. Dick went straight for the cart and tried to jump it. It didn't work his feet hit and he did a 200 MPH nose dive into the cow poo, the thorns, and the grass. We only have one fair picture of this and it does it NO JUSTICE! you must see this days video to believe. It has been called "the funniest video IAP has ever made!"

Dick hits the ground after hitting the cart