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We found him floating in the river

            Earlier this summer we found a man floating in the river... In a boat of course! he was in a canoe floating (paddling) UP river! from ST. Louis! He was going all the way to Sue City, Iowa and hoped to make it there by this september. He came threw Missouri City on July, 5th. Living off of al dried or canned foods. He asked for one simple product from us. Ice. He later mentioned that he couldn't wait to get to Kansas City so he could buy some nice cold milk so Cody decided to go get him some Milk as well.
          Being thrilled enough with the ice he took our picture with the cell phone. We tlaked to him and kept him company for about half an hour and then let him be as he camped on the sand bar with his fire and tiny canoe. We hope to hear back from him in September. If we do We will rerun this story.

our floating man

Mud Run @ Kay's

The Pit

The Mudweiser in the distance

Bubba's Toy had a rough day