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The Poop Shoot


It's the poop shoot! Yes the poop shoot where did we get that name, and what does it have to do with the swing? I have no clue, but hey it sounds good.
     The Poop Shoot started about two weeks ago, by accident. Some of the guys were going to try to build a tree fort and while they were hoisting up a full sheet of plywood Jason and Dick decided it made a better swing then a fort. So we slapped a tire on and a seat on top of that and POOF! We had the Poop Shoot.
      Now you know about the swing it's self now how about the stuff we did on the swing. Our swing features an optional seat belt. Once dick wore the seat belt and when we swung up he fell backward off the swing and because he had the seat belt on he was drug behind us.
     Dick's back didn't look or feel the best, but we all (including dick) kept going. None of us made it threw without some kind of "boo boo".
    Eventually just swinging got boring so we threw a bike into the mix. It won't over pretty well. On Cody's second try at bunny hopping up and over the swing he made it across only touching his back tire on the ramp. The first time wasn't very pretty, but it was funny. 


Jason is airborn! (to the right)


oo $hit!

River Jump 1

The "River Jump" has been in the thought process all winter and now the water ahs finally become warm enough that we can actually do it, so after spending some time at the "PoOp ShOoT" the crew set out for the sand banks. After getting enough bikes rounded up we arrived at the river.
       The first person in the water, was Jason, after a small delay from Cody. The first jump was pretty average, but on the second jump jason went straight into the water but the bike managd to land behind him and nearly hit him in the back of the head.
          Next up was Cody and he pulled off a nice tail whip. Soon after that, it was Dick's turn and he slightly resembled pee wee herman with his bike, and as well looked like the kid from E.T. as he road off into the water. One time Cody completely missed the ramp and did a nose dive into the water. After watching for the first hour Kyle decided it was time to get in the water, and he did so, in quuite the painful fashion. Kyle grabbed some major air and in doing so allowed the bike to hit him in the back. He escaped with only a big tread mark on his back.
         Dick later went again and made a nice clean 180 turn, but he landed backwards, facing the ramp ( as you see in the first picture). At the end of the day it again was worth all the pain as we laughed so hard we were crying at this tape. Again we sleep proud men.  -KJ


Hampster introduces the next act

oooo $hit!



Ignorant Angels (snow angels)

Notice cody's face