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A Night With Some of Our Closest Missouri City Friends

Bloody Dick

It was way back in February when we started to catch our spring fever. I think it's fried our brains by now,  but a temporary cure for our fever came soon with the construction of a new ramp in The McCaulley's back yard. Again, like everything else we build, it was made completely of donated, free wood. Needless to say it wasn't exactly skate ark material. We had our fun though escaping with minimal damge. We rolled down the ramp in a huge tube, we jumped fire with bikes, we rolled down the ramp OVER a car trunk lid, and then we just did they regular ramping but we had a blast with over 50 people gathered they seen an awsome show! Dick came out a little bloody and bruised and Jason came out a little burned. Everyone else just a few scratches! Enjoy the pics! I know we enjoyed making them! 

Tom makes a hard landing

Jason drives straight through the fire

Jason jumps THROUGH the fire! very hard to see...

Dick seems surprised at the bright flash

Krystal and lindsay model... SEXY!!

World... meet Al...

Alfred on his second trip to the pot

The discovery has been right under our noses for years and no one has ever known but now our new friend ALFREDO has exposed the under belly of an ancient mystery. The fountain of youth has been discovered and as it says, it's not even a fountain... ITS A RIVER... THE, river! The Mighty Mo must have something to do with it because many of the adults in Missouri City aren't adults at all, they are children with jobs and houses and kids of their own. They still know how to have fun and they aren't the normal judges of today.
       It was Thursday night and the Missouri City and Liberty kids had school leaving Excelsior Springs out to have fun, so Kyle spent time with his GIRLFRIENDS DAD and his friend Al. The scheme was thought between all of the three guys. They would go to Rosie's, an old ladie in town, and get her old toilet and then take it to Big John's front yard, who is Kyle's uncle, and leave it there along with some Auto Trader magazines and a roll of TP. Then it was decided that we would go back and take pictures of Al sitting on the pot in the middle of the front yard at 11:30 pm.
      The trio moved with near silence other then when Al fell over with his pants down shattering the toilets lid on the sidewalk (he was sitting on the pot and fell over).
  With the street lights shining
  and the fog becoming blinding
    the flash bulbs flashed,
    and off the trio dashed...
back to the HQ where the nights work was viewed, not happy with the results the group walked back to Big John's and took a few more photos. The next day the toilet had been carried to the trash by Big John, a neat freak, in anger.
       This is proof that even though you must grow up you'll never be an adult in Missouri City. "SHOW 'EM HOW TO HAVE SOME FUN!"

Notice the lid peices to the right

Alfred picks up the peices of the broken lid

Alfred finishes his business